Frequently Asked Questions
Q. How do I book?
A. After selecting the event you would like to attend go to the booking page which will then take you through the booking and payment process. Once booked and payment received an email confirmation will be sent to the registered email address.

If you prefer, call our phone line to book 07510117912
Q. What if I have no computer or email address?
A. You can simply call our phone line to book the event and after the event we can enter your match results for you and forward your matches either by text or phone
Q. Why do I need to pay in advance?
A. We need to ensure that the event has even numbers of males to females and to ensure that the event is not oversubscribed
Q. Can I cancel?
A. We are unable to accept cancellations as the success and quality of our events would be compromised by an uneven male/female ratio.

However if you contact us by email or phone within 7 days of the event we will be able to transfer you to another MyDate event
Q. Are the events private?
A. Yes. All our events are either in a closed off area of a bar/restaurant or a private function room
Q. What is the dress code?
A. We do not have a dress code. Smart casual is the best, but most importantly is for you to feel comfortable, remembering that first impressions go a long way!!
Q. Do many people come alone?
A. Yes, many guests come alone, but you never have to feel alone on a MyDate event as you will always be greeted by our friendly host/hostess who will always make sure you are introduced to others that you can mingle with before and after the event.
Q. Can I bring a friend?
A. Yes of course! Many do for moral support. As all venues are held in comfortable, friendly environments so there is always a place for them to relax whilst the event is running
Q. How strict is the age range?
A. The age range is for guide only. If you are slightly outside the age range you are still welcome to attend, remembering that if you appear to be significantly outside the guidelines you may not get many matches, therefore being disappointed
Q. What is a MATCH?
A. If someone you have ticked has also ticked you, either as a date match or a friendship match, then you both have a ‘match’

To find out who you have matched with you will need to login at after the event and enter your ticks from your MyDate match card. You will only receive contact information for those you have matched with

Any other question?

Please feel free to email